We know that there is a lot of emotion, stress and anticipation involved in buying a home, or in selling the home that you have lived in for any number of years.  Both ways, it is a highly personal undertaking. That is why we have fine-tuned a series of guidelines and marketing tools to help guide you through the process efficiently. We have found that our clients have appreciated this “close touch” professional assistance, and many have personally expressed their thanks along-the-way. This is when we truly know we have done our job well, both personally and professionally.




The Initial Walk-Through and Assessment

This is your opportunity to introduce us to your home. The one-on-one walkthrough of your home allows us to learn about features, improvements and upgrades you have made over time, lets us know what your goals and timetables are for the sale, and addresses any initial questions or concerns you may have. Are you looking for a quick, turnkey “as-is” sale?  Or do you want to maximize your return by making improvements that will increase your home’s market value? Discussing your options and goals ensures both you and our team are on the same page moving forward.


Customized Marketing Plan and Pricing Discussion

After meeting with you, we will conduct our research and come back with an analysis that explains our recommended listing price for your home and our customized marketing plan. If applicable, we will present you with a series of scenarios identifying recommended home improvement projects, their costs, and their associated return-on-investment. Our recommendations are based on a comprehensive comparable market analysis (CMA), and our extensive experience and knowledge of market trends. You will have every bit of information that you need to strategically and realistically price your home with us.


Getting your Home Market-Ready

Depending on your personal circumstances, we can be as hands on (or off) as you need us to be. Will you be making improvements to increase your property’s market value? We have a reliable network of skilled contractors and vendors who can assist in this process. Whether it be stagers, landscapers, painters, or other service providers, we will introduce you to our most trusted suppliers. If needed, we will also supervise and coordinate vendor activities, so you can be as hands-off as you like while knowing your home is in good care. Relocating and need to leave town immediately? Just hand us the keys and we’ll handle it from there.


“We don’t sell homes; we market homes”

We position your home to obtain the maximum price in the marketplace. We understand the power of first impressions, thus when getting your home market ready we place emphasis on increasing the aesthetic value of property, while also drawing attention to its livability. If needed, we will recommend professional staging or landscaping to achieve this. Our utilization of professional architectural photography, and an extensive online presence, is a recognizable hallmark of our marketing efforts. In addition, personal marketing events such as public open houses, and hosted on-site lunches for brokers in the area ensure your property achieves maximum exposure.


Handling Offers and Negotiations

With over 2 decades of combined experience in helping clients both buy and sell homes through all market conditions, we have the ability to draw upon a vast repertoire of strategies to ensure you get the highest price that the market is willing to pay. Our goal is to maximize the net proceeds of your home sale, and we take the responsibility of handling one of your most valuable financial assets very seriously. Our successful track record across a broad range of price points throughout Seattle’s neighborhoods speaks for itself.

There are many components to real estate contracts, and we know that the offer review process can often be overwhelming for clients. For this reason, when we present offers to you we will also provide you with an easy-to-follow spreadsheet that breaks down the major components of each offer received, and highlight some of the strong and weak points of each depending on number of offers received. We will be available every step of the way to provide support and guidance, and our professional opinion.


Communications and Closing

Until the keys are transferred, we will watch over your property to ensure everything is in order for closing. We will keep you informed on the progression of the transaction and remind you of any pertinent deadlines prior to closing. We will be in close contact with you every step of the way – from our initial meeting through closing.